Tim (2nd in command)

The so-called 2nd in command, Tim, is Clare's partner. Tim has a passion for dogs! (But he loves cats too!!). Clare regards him as her understudy, but he has worked with her very closely to make sure Clare's cattery is a successful venture.

Tim could also be described as a general "catsbody" - He does all the jobs nobody else wants to do. Mowing the lawn, strimming, painting, digging etc. etc. - All of which are vital roles for maintaining a clean, tidy and successful boarding cattery.

Tim also helps out with the other animals we keep. These include our free range hens, and our latest additions, a few beautiful alpacas!

If Clare is not around when you visit us, Tim will take care of all of your requirements.

In his spare time (when Clare allows), Tim likes to play golf and follow the fortunes of Barnsley football club.